Pistohiekka Resort offers authentic, sustainable nature encounters

With such a special location and natural beauty, Pistohiekka Resort offers authentic nature encounters, not theme parks or artificial attractions. This is an essential part of our sustainability strategy. For our efforts in sustainable travel, we've been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label and Good Travel Seal certification.

The founders and the management of Pistohiekka Resort have their roots deep in the local culture of Lake Saimaa. They have a strong local identity and enormous wealth of knowledge about the region and its customs and traditions. The main value of the company is a genuine respect for local nature and culture. The company pursues sustainability and eco-friendliness in all operations of the resort.

Join us to see the best parts of one of the most attractive areas in the world. Meet the people with a peculiar, unique culture that stems from centuries old ways of surviving in a remote, but stunningly beautiful environment. In a natural way.

Sustainable Travel Finland
Good Travel Seal